Community Singing

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The experience of the last few years has caused a shift in my thinking about the mission of YCNS. During the pandemic, the kids in YCNS saw it as a safe place to make music and have fun with their friends, even when we were outside in freezing weather with our masks on. This got me thinking about how bringing kids together to sing can be a source of connection and healing, especially with all the distressing things going on around us. With that in mind, I’m reorienting YCNS to be more outward-looking. We will continue to learn music and sing, but I’m planning to focus on hosting community events where kids from the area can come together to sing for free. The YCNS singers will be empowered to help plan, publicize, and lead these events.

Lauren Sklar, Artistic Director

Community Singing Advisory Board

Cristina Brown, Walden Elementary, D109

Arturo Fuerte, Willard Elementary, D65

Timothy Mah, North Shore Country Day School

Megan Murphy, Edison Elementary, D69

Elizabeth Weismehl, Avoca West, D37

Sarah Zegree, Evanston Township High School, D202